Aromatherapy Massage

On 07/07/2010, in Massage, by admin

Aromatherapy massage is a wonderful relaxing treatment. Usually a lifestyle analysis and consultation is carried out to enable one to obtain a holistic view of your life. Then the specific priorities for treatment and blend an appropriate choice of oils for you are discussed. There are over 60 essential oils for massage to select from, ensuring you have a bespoke, individualized and specific treatment.

Your treatment begins with you selecting some crystals, followed by relaxation and visualization. The specialists cocoon you in warm towels and blankets, and relax your body by applying warm towels to your feet and carrying out some pressure point massage to the feet. The face is then cleansed in preparation for massage. The essential oils are gently warmed before use for maximum relaxation, the treatment then begins on the back, continuing onto the back of the legs and feet , then the front of the legs and abdomen, finishing with the decollete, shoulders, face and scalp.

The massage techniques used include lymphatic drainage and deep pressure point massage. This is a truly relaxing and recommended experience. Only pure natural botanical essential oils are used for these kinds of massage treatments.

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