Sports Massage FAQ

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What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage was initially designed for professional athletes to prevent pain, injuries, anxiety, discomfort, muscle spasm, stress, etc. This kind of massage therapy helps them prepare for optimal performance and recover general health and wellness.

How is Sports Massage Beneficial?

People find that sports massage can help with a wide range of athletic conditions, including:

  • Myofacial pain (a condition of the tissue connecting the muscles),
  • Sports injuries, including pulled or strained muscles or sprained ligaments,
  • Reduced range of motion,
  • Helps to achieve better peak performances by removing more toxins and scar tissue,
  • Increases stamina.

When is Sports Massage not used?

  • In acute phases of injury,
  • When heat application is contraindicated,
  • In some cases of osteoporosis or RSD,
  • Certain types of athletic predispositions like Osgood-Schlatters Disease,
  • When heart conditions exists,
  • Deeper techniques immediately before or after an event.

I am nervous because it is my first massage, what do I wear?

If it is your first or your tenth massage, people can wear what ever they are comfortable with. Every client is professionally draped leaving them at ease.

Every therapist I go to doesn’t really work the area I need work on properly, how can I tell him what to do?

Communication between a client and a therapist is vital. The more a client can tell his therapist about what they need, or what they are concerned about, the better quality of service the therapist can provide. If the pressure is too light or too deep, the clients should always feel comfortable enough to tell their therapist. From that point, he will be much more effective in the treatment.

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